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"Create retro sizzle with an Art Deco interior design style."

Art Deco interior design has a very unique look. Some might call it “classic retro style”. Whatever the case, you can use Art Deco Style Buildingelements of this style to define a living space with distinct personality that stands out from the crowd.

The Art Deco movement was prominent in the first half of the twentieth century, especially between the two world wars. It had a significant impact on many aspects of art and culture including architecture and interior design. Art Deco combines some design elements from ancient cultures with a modernist, Machine Age look.

One of the great examples of Art Deco architecture that you may already be familiar with is the Chrysler Building in New York City. The top of this building (seen here) exemplifies the look of Art Deco with its stylized sunburst design. This is a motif seen often in Art Deco design. But enough about architecture, let’s talk about interiors…

Art Deco Interior Design Living Room

Similar to aspects of architecture, Art Deco interior design features elements that are very streamlined, geometric and often even curvaceous. In the sample room shown here, a combination of rectilinear and rounded shapes make up the scene. Did you notice the use of stainless steel in the furnishings? Cool! And the form of the glass topped, coffee table? Awesome! Stainless steel and glass are important elements in Art Deco interior design. Be sure to include them in your design scheme.

Art Deco Interior Design Accessories

When it comes to a color palette, Art Deco style is fairly versatile. For a more classic look try a color palette centered on black, whites, browns or tans. To put a more contemporary twist on this style, go with a bolder color scheme.

Here’s the bottom line though…ready for this? In Art Deco design the streamlined, retro shape and detail of the forms is really what anchors this look.



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