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"Rely on natural elements to anchor a rustic interior design style."

Rustic interior design emphasizes unrefined, natural elements that together look and feel quite cozy. This style is particularly suited to rural, woodland regions because it takes its inspiration from the untamed landscape.

Rustic Interior Design Kitchen Photo

Rustic style brings to our minds the mountain lodge where a family has gathered at various times over the years in the mountains. The lodge is reminiscent of a log chalet with a large a-frame gable consisting mostly of glass that looks out onto a forest of pine. The scenery is amazing! Inside, the stone fireplace crackles and sparks – keeping everybody toasty warm as they play games and watch winter’s first snowflakes fall lightly outside. It’s a place where you can just kick back and relax. 

With the stress and speed of today’s world, it’s nice to have an interior style that hearkens back to simpler times and a slower pace. That’s what you get with a rustic interior design style.

Look for natural elements to set the tone in your rustic interior...


Pine wood is a big plus because it often features knots and imperfections which lend themselves nicely to an unrefined appearance.

A wood beamed ceiling brings to mind a rustic lodge.

White birch furnishings carry a distinctly rustic and appealing look.

Rustic Interior Design

Consider incorporating reclaimed barn wood in some way. One option is to use it for flooring. Its rough quality has a quintessential rustic look and feel.


Mountain stone is an excellent choice for a fireplace or an accent wall in a rustic interior. Its rough quality will provide excellent visual texture to your space.

Stone tiles work great for flooring. Consider it as an alternative to wood planks.


Punched tin lampshades and just about any non-shiny metal décor items add an old time touch to a rustic environment – particularly if they look hand-crafted.

And don’t forget the antique, metal collectibles. They look quite at home in a rustic environment.

When it comes to a color palette consider an earth tone scheme. Subdued would probably be a good way to say it. Browns, tans, greens and rusty reds look great in a rustic interior design scheme. If you want to add some brighter color, consider doing it with accessory items.

Rustic Interior Design Living Room

Fabrics and upholstery should reflect a simpler model as well. What you really want is a basic, natural material like cotton for example.

A woven accent blanket exhibiting a southwestern motif or a striped pillow reminiscent of a trendy ski lodge could be used to nice effect depending on how you want to position your look. Plaid is another option. And don’t forget the effectiveness of hand-made candles to give your rustic style the perfect aura.

Leather is a great choice for upholstery. The neat thing about a leather chair is it sits well in a rustic interior, and it’s also very comfortable. 

Rustic interior design is a perfect style choice if you want to create a casual, simple living space that is in touch with nature.


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