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"Interior design color fundamentals to make your creativity soar!"

Color has the single greatest impact on a design plan. Interior design color affects the perceptions and feelings we have within our household surroundings. It's more than just visual stimulation.

Color Fan

Did you know that some colors are considered "cool" while others are interpreted as being "warm"?

Have you considered how you want your space to "feel" when you are in it? Peaceful or serene? Exciting or cheerful? The colors you choose can help nurture these feelings.

Before rushing out to your local home improvement center, make the most of your color choices by examining...

The Color Wheel

Color Psychology

Color Schemes


Understanding these elements of color will help you choose a design palette that’s right for your interior design plan. You'll be armed with information to match the elements of the room to the feeling you want to establish.

If your design plan includes a paint project, be sure to check out my tips on...

Choosing Paint Color

Planning an Interior Paint Project

Ultimately, success with your color plan should result in a sense of comfort and harmony within your interior space.



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