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“Choosing your interior design paint is a canvas of opportunity.”

Envision yourself as an artist with a great big canvas in front of you. You have the power to develop a masterpiece that can enhance your interior living experience.

Paint Tools

Consider these elements:

• Color choice

• Paint finishes

Understanding some basic information and options in these areas can help you decide which is right for your space.

Color Choice

Color plays a key role in how we perceive our environment. Do you want a space that is soothing and restful, for example? Or are you more interested in making the room feel lively and cheerful?

Above all, choose a color that appeals to your taste instead of settling for something just because it’s trendy. To learn more about developing a color palette, please see our page on choosing paint color.

Paint Finishes

When you have decided on a color direction you will want to consider any special interior design paint or faux finishes. Instead of simply painting your walls a solid color, there are lots of paint treatment options to pursue. A faux finish technique often utilizes painting glaze along with the paint color and a specific application technique to provide an added level of depth and interest to the results.

Faux Finish

Some great paint finish techniques are “suede”, “grass cloth” and “color washing”. These are all pretty much subtle finishes that can add a nice level of depth to a wall surface.

More dramatic techniques can be applied, as well, such as “sheen striping”. This is a tone-on-tone painted stripe technique which create a old, rich look in a classically inspired interior environment. For a contemporary interior, a “color blocking” technique would be perfect. There are so many directions you can go with this depending on your tastes.


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