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"Create maximum impact with good interior space planning."

Successful interior space planning will have a large impact on how functional and pleasing your living space will ultimately be.


Carefully consider some basic questions:

• How will your room be used?

• How do you want your room to look and feel?

Having a firm idea of what your goal is for the space will help you set the stage for orchestrating the individual parts that will make your vision reality.

Interior Space Planning Elements

There are some basic elements of good interior space design you should consider. All play a critical role in how a space is perceived and used.

Color - this element has enormous influence on your room's look and feel. Restful, exciting, cozy, or airy? Use this powerful tool to help you reach your interior space design goals.

Lighting - effective use of this factor can make your room function better and look better at the same time. Learn how incorporating the three layers of lighting can do the trick.

Interior Space Challenges

Sometimes even after your idea of how a room should look, feel and function has been established, challenges arise from the size or shape of the room. Often these problem rooms tend to be odd shaped or particularly large or small.

Tips for small spaces - when your room is small there are things you can do to make it work better. Check out these tips and tricks...

Tips for large spaces - feeling lost in your attempts to tackle a large space? These techniques can help you make the situation an asset...


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