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"There are lots of choices for beautiful interior flooring."

Interior flooring options are quite varied these days. From soft to hard and even in between, there is something perfect for your living space. Your floor is one of the biggest surfaces in your home. The materials you choose to display it says a lot about your style and the way you live in your space.

Interior Flooring of Hallway

Most flooring options fall into one of three general categories:

Hard Flooring

Soft Flooring

Flexible Flooring

Before you decide on a flooring type, it might be a good idea to check your existing floor to see what it consists of. In older homes especially, wall to wall carpeting often conceals beautiful hardwood floors that may be relatively unscathed and just need a little attention to restore them. Even if the hardwood floor is somewhat damaged, it may still be suitable for a floor paint finish. I think this option can look quite sharp on its own.

Even if you do have hardwood floors hiding under your existing floor covering, you may still be interested in something totally different in look and feel. There are other options.

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